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Mum went out for coffee this morning and I was stuck at home not feeling very well, so my lovely, amazing life group leader Rachel Moatara bought me the most scrumptious blueberry muffin from @chrissybizz ‘s work @cafeagora_fnz and I must say it was heaven to my taste buds (: Also very happy mum has made a friend in Rachel! It is about time beautiful friends and happy people were welcomed into our lives. Our hearts are jam packed with love, it would be a waste to not have others to radiate Gods love to <3 Loneliness doesn’t belong in our lives. So blessed x 🍰

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Wearing my (‘tacky’ according to @jackhoward) sparkle shoes to Google HQ this morning for a talk about YouTube and the Beauty Industry. Swiiishhhh 💖

My insides have turned into warm rosemary and mint.
Stop smiling at me, I’m gonna cry hannaoliviaway (via zacheway)

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